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Who and what is the BBI ?

In the year 1869, the working people of Bristol had no help to fall back on if they suddenly became ill, or lost their jobs.  Government pensions, Social Services and free health care did not exist and if a working man died, his family were often left destitute.

A kind group of business men looked around them and decided this could not be right.  They started a trust fund to help families when they fell on hard times.  The Trust fund grew as the money was wisely invested, the funds flourished and they continue to do so.

Today, although we are so much better off than those poor people in 1869, there are still times when, as we reach 60 and over, it becomes difficult to make ends meet.  The funds of the BBI are there to help and support people in this situation.  Our aim is to make sure that getting older does not mean an uphill struggle financially, nor a loss of independence because of low income.

Can I have help ?

Anyone who is aged over 60, with a low fixed income and little in the way of savings will meet our criteria providing they are a long standing resident of Bristol.  The support we give does not interfere with any benefits, pensions, or government grants; nor will it stop any housing benefit or council tax relief to which you are entitled.  The Government allow us to give additional help up to a fixed sum and we make sure that our grants never exceed this sum.

What if I own my own House ?


Applicants for Loans must be aged over 60 but priority will be given for those who are aged over 70.

The BBI cannot give grants to people who own their own homes but, they can give Interest Free Loans which do not have to be paid back until your death or from the sale of your property.  No interest of any sort is charged to these loans, which enable people to have a lump sum, to use as they wish.  

If you, or someone you know would like a Visitor to call, please see the Contact page for details. 

If you are applying on behalf of someone else, you must have their permission to do so.

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