The Bristol Benevolent Institution

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What assistance is given?

We can provide ongoing annual charitable grants, which are paid quarterly in advance.  These are usually between £320 and £1300 per annum, paid quarterly in advance. 

We also give one off grants for a specific need, such as removal fees, furniture, household appliances or general help with repairs.



Interest Free Loans:
People who own their own homes, free of mortgage, can apply for small interest free loans to help make essential repairs or to supplement
a low income. Further advances can be made annually as funds allow.  The loans are repaid from the sale of the property when the person dies
or moves house. In the case of a couple, the loan can be automatically transferred to the surviving spouse. 

How to seek assistance:
Anyone over the age of 60 can apply by contacting the secretary by phone, by email or by post.  The secretary will arrange for a visitor to
call to complete an application.  Third party Referrals can be made by family, friends, social workers or doctors, providing the person concerned,
knows of the referral and agrees. People with severe disabilities or chronic illness can apply from age 55 upwards.

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